Abe Huber

  • Since 1983, Abe has served as pastor of the Paz Central Church, the largest Paz church. Since 1989, Abe has also been director of the Santarém regional base, which oversees hundreds of churches. Abe and Andréa were married in 1991 and have three children: Priscilla, David, and Daniel.

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  • Altomir Rangel
  • Aluizio Antonio Silva
  • Andre Angelo
  • Andre Valadao
  • Andre Vitor
  • Andrea Huber
  • Andrea Machado
  • Antonio Cirilo
  • Ari C. Nascimento
  • Arthur Pereira
  • Ben Block
  • Ben Carson
  • Bethany Abreu
  • Bethany Church
  • Bethel Church

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