About NAR Connections

I have been born and raised in New Apostolic Reformation churches without even knowing it and for 40 years I have been circling through more and less extreme charismatic churches in this movement, not knowing I was deceived. Finally, when I was 40 I stumbled upon a Baptist pastor from Las Vegas, Billy Crone, who I started listening to, who explained the Word, who exposed false World Religions and to my shocking revelation he unpacked in 42 weeks the (Hyper) Charismatic Movement and the New Apostolic Reformation. From there I got word of Costi Hinn’s story and heard from Justin Peters and the Cloud Without Waters conference, John MacArthur with the Strange Fire conference and Chris Rosebrough’s Fighting 4 The Faith YouTube channel, exposing the lies I have believed in since I’ve been born.

When my eyes were opened to the lies and deception, I was looking for a new solid Bible based church, but where do you start? Which church is solid and not influenced by the NAR? This prompted me to do some diligent research and looking for the roots of this deception and who was influenced by who. This has been a 2 year long journey. I learned the history of the (Hyper) Charismatic Movement and the New Apostolic Reformation including its connections which are not easily documented and clear, I started to dig deeper into church history and collect data for myself to find the links and its history.

Because the New Apostolic Reformation is not one solid organization, it is very unclear who is part of this group, who is connected with this group, or is influenced by this group. As mentioned above, I have done in depth research and found out that birds of the same feather, flock together. Having said that, many churches and pastors even have no idea that they are part of this group called the New Apostolic Reformation and bring their blatant false heretical teachings to their church. Three of the most worldwide well known churches involved are Bethel, Hillsong and Elevation, who influence many churches across the globe through their so called worship music. But who is behind the scene pulling the strings?

During my research, I have looked at all the celebrity pastors, prophets, apostles, leaders, artists, churches and organizations and digged deep into their Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook as well as their websites and checked who they follow and endorse, made screenshots of who they endorse and are connected with, share stages with on a regular basis and proof to you they are well connected to the New Apostolic Reformation. Some of the people on this website are on the outside but heavily influenced or they have affiliating themselves with New Apostolic Reformation related organizations, churches, pastors, prophets, apostles, leaders or artists, and they might have some sort of concerning teachings to expose. We will also be showing you that the CCM music industry has been taken over, or at least extremely dominated, by the NAR.

On every page of an individual or organization you will find their connections, who they hang out with and incredible resources from credible discernment ministers and pastors such as Justin Peters, Chris Rosebrough, Steven Kozar, Costi Hinn, John MacArthur, Daniel Long, Amy Spreeman, Michelle Lesley, Church Watch Central, Phil Johnson, Todd Friel, and many many others that expose these false teachers and their heresies.

If for some reason you do not find a pastor, church, leader, organization, apostle, prophet, artist or the like and you think they should be exposed, let me know and I am happy to look into it, to find out how they are connected.

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