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Here below you find credible resources exposing Bill Johnson and his false teachings:

Chris Rosebrough with Fighting 4 The Faith:

Prophecies are Weapons of Warfare:

Bill Johnson Promotes Todd Bentley’s Upcoming “Revival”:

Written Word Doesn’t Create Faith:

Contending Vs. Resting:

Follow His Voice:

Preaching at Hillsong London:

Sermon Review: Mt. Transfiguration- Kingdom Come by Bill Johnson:

Angels and Breakthroughs:

The Command to Heal:

Bill Johnson Preaches at Robert Morris’ Gateway Church:

Prophetic Word for 2017:

Sermon Review: Thinking From the Throne by Bill Johnson:

Bill Johnson & Sid Roth The God is Good “Revelation”:

All Must Prophesy:

Rick Joyner & Bill Johnson Discuss Hosting the Holy Spirit:

Half Truth About NAR Involvement:

Post Azusa-Azusa Impartation:

Bill Johnson Waxes Weird RE: Heavenly Outpourings:

Sermon Review: The Theology Of Jesus And The Rising Church by Bill Johnson:

Exposed to the Anointing:

Sermon Review: The Womb of Legacy by Bill Johnson:

Bill Johnson on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural:

Sermon Review: Birthing the Impossible by Bill Johnson:

Not With Lofty Words of Speech or Wisdom:

Sermon Review: A Dreamer Creates a Destiny by Bill Johnson:

Mishandling and drowning out the voice of scripture via The Patricia King Gang, Chuck Pierce, Rick Joyner & Bill Johnson:

Empty Words:

Bill Johnson Explains How Two Visions Can Cause Di-Vision:

Sermon Review: Screwed in Right by Bill Johnson:

Bill Johnson Explains Recent Appearance of the Glory Cloud:

Worst Easter Sermon Contestant 5: Bill Johnson:

Bill Johnson Files: Present Day Power 1:

Bill Johnson Discusses “Hiddenness”:

The Bill Johnson Files:

Bill Johnson Mangles God’s Word Even More:

Bill Johnson Speaks Spiritual Nonsense:

Steven Kozar from the Messed Up Church:

10 Reasons Why You Should RUN AWAY From Bethel Redding:

Bill Johnson & Bethel Redding:

Donnie Lamon:

The Polite Leader:

Sean Christie from Revealing Truth:

Doreen Virtue & Melissa Dougherty:

Melissa Dougherty:

Justin Peters:

Daniel Long from Long For Truth:


Biblical Theology:

Don Veinot:

Ted Thought:

Life & Doctrine:

Real Truth, Real Quick:

Salt And Light:

Andrew Strom:

Linda Elmore:

Tony Miato:

Richard Moore from CHURCHepreneurs:

Billy Crone from Get A Life Media:

Charismatic Chaos:

Holly Pivec from Spirit of Error:

Why Bill Johnson says the Bible is not enough:

The hidden pitfall of Bill Johnson’s ‘Red-Letter Revival’:

Reader Mail: How 2 Cor. 12:7-10 contradicts Bill Johnson:

Bill Johnson, IHOP, and the ‘Passion Translation’:

Bill Johnson and Mike Bickle’s mutual admiration society:

Important facts about The Passion Translation:

That’s scary: Passion Translation plans Oct. 31 release for full New Testament:

NAR leader Brian Simmons reveals a new chapter of the Bible:

A NAR Bible — The Passion Translation revisited:

Heidi Baker’s claim to be an apostle:

The West Coast continues to ‘rumble’–Night 53:

Yes, Bethel Redding and Bill Johnson are part of the New Apostolic Reformation:

Brain Stopper No. 5: Bill Johnson’s Book Ban:

Epic fail: Vallotton’s 5 non-biblical tests for a true prophet:

Looking Beyond a Church’s ‘Statement of Faith’:

What’s On Your Bookshelf?:

‘Voice of the Apostles’ Day 1:

Children, Miracles, and Toilet Paper Mummies– Oh My!:

The Changing of the Apostolic Guard: 13 Names to Watch:

Third Day: Don’t You Know?:

How to Spot An NAR Church:

Charisma Magazine = NAR?:

Did Jesus give up His divine powers?:

Pray and A.C.T.:

Bob DeWaay from Critical Issues Commentary:

An Invasion of Error A Review of Bill Johnson—When Heaven Invades Earth:

Marsha West from Renew America:

Bethel Church’s “apostle” Bill Johnson: A comedy of errors, Part 1:

Bethel Church’s “Apostle” Bill Johnson: A comedy of errors, Part 2:

Kim Olsen from DiscernIt:

A Testimony – How God Rescued Me From Bill Johnson’s Cult:

Let Us Reason:

The NEW Toronto Bill Johnson’s Bethel church Prevaricating leader of the youth:

The Bethel version of “As above so below,” Drawing heaven to earth:

John Lanagan from Lighthouse Trails Research:

The New Age Propensities of Bethel Church’s Bill Johnson:

Kathleen Morgan from m’kayla’s korner:

When Bethel Invades Your Church:

David Schrock from 9Marks:

Book Review: When Heaven Invades Earth, by Bill Johnson:


WWUTT 660 Q&A Bill Johnson’s Different Gospel?:

Amy Spreeman from Berean Research:

Yes, Bethel Redding and Bill Johnson are part of the New Apostolic Reformation:

“The Holy Spirit Makes a Movie? I don’t think so . . .”:

Top 100 Pastors to Follow:

Church Watch Central:

Blessings, Impartations, Prophecies and Comissionings at 2008 Lakeland Apostolic Alignment Ceremony:

‘Physics of Heaven’ – incorporating New Age mysticism, spirit guides, auras, angels, revival & healing energy:

Che Ahn & C. Peter Wagner presented Bill Johnson with an honorary doctorate at the Wagner Leadership Institution in 2012:

NAR recognize Bill Johnson & Randy Clark as their own apostles (Part 1):

Breaking story! NAR acknowledge someone as their own – #BrianHouston:

On questions relating to Bethel, Bill Johnson & Ben Fitzgerald:

Did Charisma Magazine edit an article on Bill Johnson to protect his heretical agenda?:

Bill Johnson advocates “encounters” over good theology:

Charisma Magazine reports on why Bill Johnson didn’t immediately shut down ‘grave sucking’:

How can Dr. Michael Brown call it the “So-Called” NAR when… (Part 2):

‘Bethelated’ spirits? Bethel teaching we can walk through walls & walk on water:

NAR Apostle Bill Johnson & Kris Vallotton ‘knight’ Ben Fitzgerald?:

Chris Rosebrough debunks Bill Johnson’s false Kenotic Jesus & NAR Dominion Mandate at Hillsong London:

NAR Apostle Bill Johnson explaining Apostolic Teams and Spiritual Fathering:

Bethel Church peddling New Breed heresy (Part 2): Johnson wants you to manifest the Glorified Rev 1 Christ?:

Bill Johnson: If you’re not healed, you’re not saved – and it’s all your fault:

Pentecostalism condemns Bill Johnson, Oral Roberts, Che Ahn & Yonggi Cho:

Bill Johnson affirms Michael Brown is part of the New Apostolic Reformation:

Apostolic ‘liars’: Bill Johnson & Dr Michael Brown:

Bill Johnson denies the real Jesus:

Bill and Brian come out with Bolz:

Poor Billy Goat’s Gruff!:

Bill Johnson’s “apostolic team”?:

Bill Johnson blatantly lies to Christianity Today:

Footage of Apostles & Prophets Bill Johnson, Crabtree, Cooke and Morgan at Dayspring Apostolic Ceremony:

Bill Johnson and Dayspring Church Apostles pass baton to new Apostolic couple:

Happy Reformation Day – Still Protesting: Top 20 dangerous heretics to be marked & avoided:

The latest “Unholy Alliance” – Hillsong and Bethel:

NAR Apostle Bill Johnson explaining Apostolic Teams and Spiritual Fathering:

HIM Conference exposes Bill Johnson’s NAR ties & Michael Brown’s lies?:

Pentecostalism condemns Bill Johnson, Oral Roberts, Che Ahn & Yonggi Cho:

Refuting the Wimber-way: “Power Evangelism”:

Leclaire: careless & clueless ‘watchman’ gets duped by Michael Brown & Bill Johnson:

Charisma Magazine reports on why Bill Johnson didn’t immediately shut down ‘grave sucking’:

Cultish Show:

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