Brian Houston – Exposing His False Teachings

  • He is the founder and senior pastor at Hillsong Church and the entire Hillsong Corporation, based in Sydney with locations around the world. He was the National President of the Australian Christian Churches, the Australian branch of the Assemblies of God, from 1997 to 2009.
  • Married to Bobbie Houston, father of Joel Houston, Ben Houston and Laura Houston Toggs.

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Here below you find credible resources exposing Brian Houston and his false teachings:

Chris Rosebrough with Fighting 4 The Faith:

Destiny Connections:

Paupers to Princes:

Sermon Review: The Power of Sin by Brian Houston:

Solomon Generation:

There is More…RE: The Resurrection:

Digging Deeper:

Sermon Review: Vision Sunday by Brian Houston:

Mission Man:

Sermon Review: Help Me! I Need to Change My Life by Brian Houston:

Hillsong & Brian Houston Promote the Seven Mountains (Spheres):

Sermon Review: From Paupers to Princes by Brian Houston:

Raising Kings and Queens:

It’s Not Over Til’ The Barren Woman Sings:

Look It In the Eye and Step Into It:

You Are The One:

Hillsong Bag of Deplorable Doctrines:

Unusual Miracles:

Subtely Preaches Prosperity:

Ceilings and Floors:

I Know…I Don’t Know…I Believe…I Don’t Believe:

Leaving Struggle Street:

Sermon Review: What Are You Soaking In by Brian Houston:

Natural Resistance to Spiritual Possibilities?:

Brian Houston Admits to Scratching Itching Ears:

Hillsong Twin Spin – Brian Houston Special Things and Carl Lentz on the Breakfast Club:

Unusual Things:

Sermon Review: Dare to Dream by Brian Houston at Liberty University:

Sermon Review: The Gospel by Brian Houston of Hillsong:

Latest Word Faith Heresy:

Brian Houston on Studio 10:

Brian Houston Pulls a Fast One and Interviews Driscoll for Hillsong Conference:

Sermon Review: Brian Houston’s Dangerous Declaration:

Sermon Review: Silent Saturday by Brian Houston:

Sermon Review: No Other Name by Brian Houston of Hillsong:

Brian Houston’s Slippery Christmas Message:

Brian Houston on the Pioneer Spirit:

Sermon Review: Snakes and Ladders by Brian Houston:

Analysis of Brian Houston’s Official Clarification:

Brian Houston “Clarifies” His Muslim Comment:

Brian Houston Says Christians & Muslims Serve the Same God:

Sermon Review: Speak Up Speak Loud Speak Out by Brian Houston:

Brian Houston Gobbledygook:

Sermon Review: Areas We Can Expect God’s Overflow by Brian Houston:

Brian Houston Twists Psalm 23:

Brian Houston Turns Liabilities into Opportunities:

Brian Houston’s Twisting of Matt 7:13-15:

Sermon Review: Only For a While by Brian Houston preaching at Saddleback:

Brian Houston to Speak at Saddleback:

Sermon Review: Awareness That Sets You Up to Win by Brian Houston, Hillsong:

Sermon Review: Lack vs. Overflow by Brian Houston, Hillsong:

Sermon Review, “Momentum Attracts” Brian Houston, Hillsong, Sydney, Australia:

Steven Kozar from the Messed Up Church:

The Brian Houston & Hillsong Cornucopia of False Doctrine, Abuse, Obfuscation & Money Generation:

Salt And Light:

Sean Christie from Revealing Truth:

Is Not Satire:

Biblical Theology:

Nina Taylor:

Spencer Smith:

Michelle Lesley:

Sermon and Videos: Why Our Church No Longer Plays Bethel or Hillsong Music (or Elevation or Jesus Culture), and Neither Should Yours:

Amy Spreeman from Berean Research:

Brian Houston Acknowledges Ministry of Gay Couple at Hillsong NYC:

Brian Houston admits he can offer “no great answer” on gay stance (Part 1):

Imagine: “A letter to the church at Sydney”:

Rick Warren’s Top 100 Pastors to Follow:

James White:

Seer Stones, Hillsong Church, and KJVOnly Deceitfulness:

Pulpit & Pen:

Rosebrough on Hillsong and Homosexuality:

Hillsong and Homosexuality: The Real Story:

Homosexual Couple Contradicts Brian Houston:

Podcast: Hillsong and Discernment:

The Smoking Gun: Brian Houston Acknowledges Ministry of Gay Couple at Hillsong NYC – on video – Back in 2014:

Christian Today:

Hillsong’s Brian Houston ‘Corrects’ Report That ‘Openly Gay Couple’ Leads NYC Church Choir, Insists Stance on Homosexuality ‘Absolutely’ Has Not Changed:

Billy Crone from Get A Life Media:

Charismatic Chaos:

Church Watch Central:

Why did Hillsong apostolic founder threaten pastor and journalist Philip Powell?:

Breaking story! NAR acknowledge someone as their own – #BrianHouston:

Bethel Redding’s Courtship with Belial:

Phil Pringle calls Hillsong leaders Brian & Bobbie Houston ‘major apostles’.:

Phil Pringle portrays pedophile Frank Houston as a legitimate ‘Shepherd’ in his book ‘You The Leader’.:

Former CHC fund manager: “I was brainwashed”:

Purpose-Driven NARpostles:

Another Hillsong pedophile scandal: Brian caught lying and trashing victim:

Brian Houston: compulsive liar:

The LiveLoveLead Society versus the bible-wielding Tanya Levin over the mole’s Hillsong:

Brian Houston misleads WaterBrook Publisher:

Happy Reformation Day – Still Protesting: Top 20 dangerous heretics to be marked & avoided:

Recorded sermon challenges Brian Houston’s evidence to the 2014 Royal Commission:

Phil Pringle calls Hillsong leaders Brian & Bobbie Houston ‘major apostles’:

How Brian Houston and Hillsong protected their paedophile ‘Apostle’ Frank Houston from Australian AOG discipline:

Why did Hillsong apostolic founder threaten pastor and journalist Philip Powell?:

Move along, nothing to see here: Hillsong’s legal response to ‘misleading’ statements by ’60 Minutes’ (Part 2):

Australia’s ‘60 Minutes’ program interviews victim of Hillsong’s pedophile founder Frank Houston:

Brian Houston accidentally identifies as a false prosperity teacher? We already knew that….:

[UPDATE] Brian Houston: “Jesus became you, so that you could become Him…”:

A warning about Hillsong’s Facebook marketing ‘con job’.:

Brian Houston: “Jesus became you, so that you could become Him…:

Breaking News follow-up: Brian Houston also exposed lying to Royal Commission about father’s sickness?:

Breaking News: Brian Houston exposed lying to Royal Commission – pedophile father STILL preaching months before death:

The origins of Hillsong (Part 7): Wagner acknowledges Hillsong & AOG are NAR:

When Phil Pringle’s ‘pneumatology’ doesn’t align with Jesus’ pneumatology. (Part 1):

Hillsong tells youth and elderly to tithe or else they’re stealing?:

NARpostles Beth Moore, Craig Groeschel & John Gray speak at Hillsong Conference 2017:

Brian Houston promoting New Apostolic Reformation theology in Hillsong music:

Royal Commission: Brian Houston summoned again? (Update):

Questioning Brian Houston’s testimony about his pedophile father’s ‘sickness’:

Brian Houston confesses he covered up his father’s pedophilia (Part 2) – Insider testifies”:

Brian Houston confesses he covered up his father’s pedophilia (Part 1) – Witnesses testify:

The Den at the Epicenter of Hillsong for Youth?:

Understanding the true nature of a Hillsong Conference….selling Houston’s merchandise:

Brian Houston shares his experience on 2GB (UPDATED):

If Brian Houston and Hillsong only “knew the gift of God”…:

The “cosmic butler”: Hillsong’s god and gospel scrutinized by Christian leaders:

Misleading the Royal Commission: Brian Houston Hiding Behind His ‘Straw man victim’:

Why Jesus Christ himself has “accursed” Brian Houston:

Timeline & Source Material: Related to Frank Houston’s Pedophilia Coverup:

Brian Houston: “I’ll hold you down on the ground until you confess I’m right!”:

Brian Houston: “Blocking haters on Twitter is like sport”:

Brian Houston tweets “what ACTUALLY happened in NYC” but offers “only guess”?:

Prankster or pastor? Where the world is Hillsong’s man Diego?:

Cowboy Damage Control: Hillsong leaders had no idea about Naked Cowboy’s appearance?:

Brian Houston capitalizes off Jan Crouch’s death to promote his HillsongChannel?:

NARpostle Brian Houston exposes NARpostle Michael Brown’s head is in the sand:

Brian & Hillsong > Bible:

Brian Houston: A skilled liar at work… or is it his critics?:

“Pull the Allah one, Brian” (Part 2):

“Pull the Allah one, Brian” (Part 1):

Brian Endorses ‘Noah’: “You’ll enjoy the film — if you’re not too religious”:

“[…] Houston’s gospel message appears to have as much gospel as the movie Noah”:

Rosebrough: “The fault for all of this, lies on Houston who didn’t speak clearly”:

Houston’s “Clarification”:

The gaff that keeps on gaffing?:

The deafening silence of Brian Houston (silence now broken):

Thank you Brian Houston for your response but please clarify further:

Brian Houston: “the Muslim and you, we actually serve the same God”:

Brian Houston & Chris Rosebrough Offering Corrections:

Brian leverages off father’s reputation & hides pedophilia to promote himself & Hillsong:

Brian checked granddad hadn’t touched own kids over “one-off incident”:

How the AHA child sexual abuse case was played out by Brian Houston:

Brian and Bobbie Houston’s LMI “charity” scrutinized:

This isn’t Hillsong brainwashing people – this is a ‘sermon’:

Did Brian Houston Lie to Ps. Barbara Taylor?:

Inside Story – Lazy Journalism Allows Brian Houston’s Unfettered Spin:

Cult traits emerge as Hillsong call Royal Commission “extremely unfair”:

Brian claims clergy privilege to prevent police investigation?:

Hillsong believes in the Bible… when it suits them:

Hillsong’s success secret: scrapping early years & scratching itching ears:

Brian Houston & Hillsong stand with Kong Hee & Sun Ho:

The Royal Commission Report on Houston, CLC/Hillsong & the AOG/ACC:

Breaking – ACA reports on “megalomaniac” Brian Houston:

Guardian’s detailed report on Royal Commission report against Brian Houston:

Royal Commission: “We do not accept the views expressed by Pastor Brian Houston”:

BREAKING NEWS: Royal Commission criticises Houston in report:

Brian Houston deceitfully changes media statement without notifications:

An accurate report on Hillsong’s leadership and history:

Brian Houston: sins of my father….:

More proof Brian Houston writes off Jesus Christ to invent his own religion:

What Brian Houston offers the world: a love not worth having:

Brian Houston’s convenient memory loss on how he treated his “best friend”:

Jordan Hall calls out Brian Houston & Carl Lentz as liars and Hillsong for not being a church:

Timeline of events: The Brian, the “church” and the closet:

“Dr” Brown weighs in to Brian Houston & Carl Lentz controversy:

Brian Houston exposes Brian Houston lying:

Josh Canfield & Reed Kelly expose Hillsong leadership lying about their stance on same sex issues:

Brian Houston admits he can offer “no great answer” on gay stance (Part 1):

Ben Gresham exposes Houston lying in his media statement:

Brian Houston: compulsive liar:

Evidence, Fact Files & testimonies exposing Brian Houston at the Royal Commission:

The EIC interview Hillsong’s slick marketing Prophet:

News articles covering Hillsong unethically fleecing $100 million from members:

Transcript of Brian Houston’s ‘nice’ interview with Mark & Grace Driscoll:

Protesting Brian Houston’s Deception at Hillsong Melbourne, 12 July, 2015:

Atheist upset at “being deceived by” Hillsong’s Brian Houston:

The lie of Brian: People preparing more protests over Hillsong’s Driscoll stunt:

Brian Houston’s Inclusive Jesus rejects Tanya Levin:

Houston disgraces Australian News program at Hillsong Conference: “They are a malicious program… they lie… they’re underhanded.”:

BREAKING NEWS: Brian Houston & Mark Driscoll interview at Hillsong Conference 2015:

:Royal Commission 02: Submission Findings – Problems with AOG/ACC & Brian Houston’s Management

Houston confirms media & Australians do understand Hillsong: It’s about the money:

Reviewing Houston’s second statement on Driscoll: Is Mark Driscoll speaking at Hillsong Church?:

Reviewing Houston’s first statement on Driscoll: Did Driscoll mislead Brian Houston?:

Media respond to Houston dropping hot potato “pastor” Driscoll from Hillsong Conference 2015:

Houston bends knee to critics and media (Part 3): Driscollified to speak at Hillsong:

Houston bends knee to critics and media (Part 2): Sunrise Interview:

Houston bends knee to critics and media (Part 1): Lateline:

Heavy-handed Hillsong: Houston releases his lawyers on Mr West:

Brian Houston: “I am excited about interviewing Mark and his wife”….:

Brian Houston in damage control… again… and again…and again:

Brian Houston’s testimony on Mesiti bends the truth to pervert the grace of God:

Brian Houston’s “Conflict of interest” in dealing with pedophile father?:

Brian Houston & Mark Driscoll: The ‘disgraceful’ invites the ‘disgraced’ to further disgrace Christ &Christianity:

Hillsong’s influence with influential people: Australian Treasurer Peter Costello and Houston’s invite for opposition leader Mark Latham:

Hillsong’s influence with influential people: Bear Grylls, name dropping and “idolatry”:

Hillsong’s influence with influential people: “Brian Houston, is one of [Scott] Morrison’s mentors”:

Like father, like son: Hillsong’s sandy foundations (Part 1):

2015 Hillsong Vision: A “Dangerous Declaration” indeed (Part 1):

While Mr Sparkle “moved it” Warner Bros dropped it…:

Houston’s 2014 God-given “Vision” (Part 2): The Father, Son and “Pioneer Spirit”?:

Damage control: Houston’s letter to members over media scrutiny & father’s crimes:

Hillsong presents to you… “Mr Sparkle”:

The Brian that stole Christmas:

The infallible profits of Hillsong:

Breaking News: “Houston should be referred to police for investigation” – Royal Commission’s Senior Counsel:

Houston’s 2014 God-given “Vision” (Part 1): “New grace” scrutinised:

How Brian Houston strives to win the world to Jesus…:

Brian Houston’s controversial concepts on Muslims & Homosexuals:

Reviewing disgraced Catholic Archbishop Philip Wilson, Hillsong’s Elders, Board Members & Their 2014 Guilty Media Statement:

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