Chad Veach

  • Chad is the Founder and Lead Pastor of Zoe Church and part of the Hillsong Family.
  • Chad is Member of the Hillsong Leadership Network.
  • Chad is the Founder of Zoe Leadership College.
  • Chad is overseer of several different churches including Mission Church.
  • Chad his father, Dave Veach, is a District Supervisor with Foursquare Church in Tacoma, Washington.
  • For Chad, a Promise Keepers event was a turning point for him back in the church.
  • In 2004, Chad took a job counseling teens and young adults for United Generation ministry in Puyallup, Washington.
  • In 2013, Chad became associated with Judah Smith, spiritual adviser to Justin Bieber and lead pastor of Churchome. In 2017, Chad Veach and Judah Smith accompanied Justin Bieber on his Purpose World Tour, reportedly to serve as “positive influences.”
  • Chad told the New York Times that he modeled Zoe Church after Hillsong Church and Church of the Highlands.
  • Chad is Contributor to the ARC Churches.
  • Chad is Contributor to Global Leadership Network.
  • Chad is Contributor to SLU Lead.
  • Chad authored several books.
  • Chad is married to Julia Veach and they have four children: Georgia, Winston, Maverick and Clive.

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  • Aaron Iseman
  • Adrienne Eliza Houghton
  • Alexander Pappas
  • Alli Munsey
  • Amanda Lindsey Cook
  • Amanda Madu
  • Andreas Nielsen
  • Andrew Damazio
  • Andy Browning
  • Andy Stanley
  • Aodhán King
  • Austin Molt
  • Aventer Gray
  • Banning Liebscher
  • Becky Fouquier
  • Bella Dooley
  • Ben Fielding
  • Ben Prescott
  • Benjamin Houston
  • Benny Perez
  • Bethany Cravalho
  • Bethany Wymore
  • Bill Johnson
  • Bobbie Houston
  • Bobby Gruenewald
  • Brad Jones
  • Brad Lomenick
  • Brandon Lake
  • Braylon Oliver
  • Brett Younker
  • Brian Cromer
  • Brian Houston
  • Brian Johnson
  • Brian McCormack
  • Brooke Ligertwood Fraser
  • Cameron Strang
  • Carey Nieuwhof
  • Carl Lentz
  • Carlos Whittaker
  • Catalyst Leader
  • Chad Narayan
  • Chandler Moore
  • Charles Nieman
  • Charlotte Gambill
  • Chase Wagner
  • Chelsea Smith
  • Chris Brown
  • Chris Durso
  • Chris Hill
  • Chris Hodges

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Who does Chad Veach hang out with?

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