Ché Ahn – Exposing His False Teachings

  • Ché Ahn is the Founder & President of Ché Ahn Ministries.
  • Ché Ahn is the Founder of Harvest International Ministries.
  • Ché Ahn is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Harvest Rock Church.
  • Ché Ahn is the International Chancellor of Wagner University, an international network of apostolic training centers established to equip believers for Kingdom ministry.
  • Ché Ahn founded California Dreamin, a church-planting and discipleship initiative with an apostolic vision for global revival and reformation.
  • Ché Ahn is the Founder of 1 Race 4 Life.
  • Ché Ahn is the Co-Founder of the Revival Alliance Network.
  • Ché Ahn is the Member of the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders.
  • Ché Ahn wrote several books.
  • Ché is a Core Faculty Professor at the Wagner University
  • Ché Ahn is married to Sue Ahn and they have four children, Gabriel, Grace, Joy and Mary.

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Here below you find credible resources exposing Ché Ahn and his false teachings:

Chris Rosebrough from Fighting for the Faith:

Modern-Day (Restoration of) Apostles:

Che Ahn Writes About the Restoration of Apostles:

Who Are the Apostles:

Che Ahn Introduces Roland Baker as a “Brilliant Theologian”:

Prophetic Wave (From Lakeland “Revival”):

Sermon Review: Apostolic Strategizing With Che Ahn:

Justin Peters:

Steven Kozar from The Messed Up Church:

Sean Christie from Revealing Truth:

Spencer Smith:


Good Fight Radio:

Christian Apologetics:

Doreen Virtue, Melissa Daugherty & Holly Pivec:

Holly Pivec & Don Veinot:

Don Veinot:

Holly Pivec from Spirit of Error:

NAR leaders meet with the Pope:

Important facts about The Passion Translation:

That’s scary: Passion Translation plans Oct. 31 release for full New Testament:

NAR leader Brian Simmons reveals a new chapter of the Bible:

A NAR Bible — The Passion Translation revisited:

The West Coast continues to ‘rumble’–Night 53:

Yes, Bethel Redding and Bill Johnson are part of the New Apostolic Reformation:

Looking Beyond a Church’s ‘Statement of Faith’:

Prayer and pork barreling:

‘Voice of the Apostles’ Day 1:

The Changing of the Apostolic Guard: 13 Names to Watch:

Third Day: Don’t You Know?:

Charisma Magazine = NAR?:

Gov. Rick Perry and NAR Leaders Team Up for Controversial Rally:

Pray and A.C.T.:

‘Apostles’ From Well-Known Ministries:

Why People Join This Movement:

Bill Crone – Charismatic Chaos:

World Religions, Cults and the Occult series – The Charismatic Chaos:

Church Watch Central:

Blessings, Impartations, Prophecies and Comissionings at 2008 Lakeland Apostolic Alignment Ceremony:

C. Peter Wagner explains Alignment Ceremony; blames Che Ahn for Bentley’s apostolic commissioning:

Che Ahn & C. Peter Wagner presented Bill Johnson with an honorary doctorate at the Wagner Leadership Institution in 2012:

Pentecostalism condemns Bill Johnson, Oral Roberts, Che Ahn & Yonggi Cho:

Rosebrough exposes Michael Brown’s lies through Apostle Che Ahn (and their false NAR Jesus):

Chris Rosebrough calls out Amanda Wells cover up by major NAR leaders (Part 2):

Transcript of Che Ahn and Todd Bentley confirming Heidi Baker and others as Apostles – promoting New Breed heresy:

Happy Reformation Day – Still Protesting: Top 20 dangerous heretics to be marked & avoided:

Engle on Elijah List AGAIN proving NAR roots are connected to NOLR cult:

Che Ahn & C. Peter Wagner presented Bill Johnson with an honorary doctorate at the Wagner Leadership Institution in 2012:

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