Dag Heward-Mills

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Here below you find credible resources exposing Dag Heward-Mills and his false teachings:

Ghana Celebrities – Dag Heward-Mills Reportedly Forces Bishops To Pay Him $1,000 On Their Birthdays and Ghc 1,000 on His Birthday – More Revelations Drop: https://www.ghanacelebrities.com/2021/04/27/dag-heward-mills-reportedly-forces-bishops-to-pay-him-1000-on-their-birthday-and-ghc-1000-on-his-birthday-more-revelations-drop/

Ghana Web – You are more than evil – Kennedy Agyapong slams Dag Heward Mills over ‘cursing’ video : https://www.ghanaweb.com/GhanaHomePage/NewsArchive/You-are-more-than-evil-Kennedy-Agyapong-slams-Dag-Heward-Mills-over-cursing-video-1243888

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