George O. Wood

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  • AG News
  • Alton Garrison
  • Assemblies of God US
  • Barbara Kallevig
  • Bryan Jarrett
  • Christianity Today
  • Christine Caine
  • Church Multiplication Network
  • David Wells
  • Dikran Salbashian
  • Doug Beacham
  • Doug Clay
  • George P. Wood
  • Influence Magazine
  • Jason Frenn
  • Jentezen Franklin
  • Jeremy Johnson
  • Jim Bradford
  • John Velsor
  • Mark Williams
  • Max Yeary
  • Mike Santiago
  • My Healthy Church
  • Naghmeh Panahi
  • Paula White
  • Pope Francis
  • Rick Warren
  • Scott Hagan
  • Wayne Hilsden

Who does George O. Wood hang out with?

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Here below you find credible resources exposing George O. Wood and his false teachings:

Church Watch Central: The origins of Hillsong (Part 7): Wagner acknowledges Hillsong & AOG are NAR:

Marsha West – AOG Leader Dr. George Wood Joins New Age Sympathizer Leonard Sweet at Luther 2017 (Another Step Toward Rome?):

Marsha West – Assemblies of God exposed to New Apostolic Reformation through Empowered21:

Lighthouse Trail – Lighthouse Trails Statement to Assemblies of God Response Regarding Invitation of Ruth Haley Barton:

Amy Spreeman – “Together 2016”: Denominations link arms with Chrislebrities to erase doctrinal divisions:

Holly Pivec – The Assemblies of God and the NAR:

Beware of the Wolves – Assemblies of God ecumenical corruption now reaching criticality!!!:

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