Guillermo Maldonado

  • Guillermo is the co-founder and Sr. Pastor of King Jesus Ministry (Ministerio Internacional El Rey Jesús). The ministry also offers spiritual covering to a growing network of over three hundred churches that extends throughout the United States and globally in Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and New Zealand, representing over six hundred thousand people.
  • Member of the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders.
  • Guillermo has authored over fifty books and manuals, many of which have been translated into other languages.
  • Guillermo is the founder of national and international television program, The Supernatural Now (Lo Sobrenatural Ahora), which airs on TBN, Daystar, the Church Channel, and fifty other networks.
  • Guillermo has a doctorate in Christian Counseling from Vision International University and a master’s degree in Practical Theology from Oral Roberts University.
  • Guillermo is Contributor to Hunger 2021, chaired by Cindy Jacobs.
  • Mario Bramnick is Guillermo his spiritual father apostle according to his instagram account description.
  • Married to Ana Maldonado, father of Bryan Maldonado and Ronald Maldonado.

Find out who Guillermo Maldonado endorses on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

  • 700 Club
  • Alejandro Espinoza
  • Alejandro Mosqueda Paz
  • Amanda Ferguson
  • Ana Maldonado
  • Andres Brizuela
  • Andy Arguez
  • Anwar Fazal
  • Ashton Blaire Parsley
  • Ben Carson
  • Ben Fitzgerald
  • Benny Hinn
  • Bethel Church
  • Bethel Music
  • Bethel.TV
  • Bianca Lee Norman
  • Bill Hamon
  • Bill Johnson
  • Bill Johnson Ministries
  • Bill Winston
  • Blanca Lagos
  • Bobby Conner
  • Brian Carn
  • Brian Houston
  • Brian Johnson
  • Bryan Maldonado
  • CAP Global Conference
  • Carlos Cruchaga
  • Carlos Luna
  • Casa de Dios

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Who does Guillermo Maldonado hang out with?

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