John Bevere

  • In the 1980s and 1990s, John worked under Benny Hinn as a youth pastor and then as Hinn’s personal assistant.
  • John is the Founder of Messenger International.
  • John is the Founder of Messenger Cup.
  • John is the Founder of Sons & Daughters.
  • John is an internationally sought-after speaker and best-selling author.
  • John & Lisa Bevere are part of the project closely with Brian Simmons on The Passion Translation, and they endorse it fully as well John states it is one of their favorite translations see picture included on this page.
  • John is married to Lisa Bevere and they have 4 sons; Addison David Bevere, Austin Michael Bevere, Joshua Alexander Bevere, and Arden Christopher Bevere.

Find out who John Bevere endorses on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

  • Aaron Bradley
  • Aaron Hankins
  • Aaron Keyes
  • Adam Smallcombe
  • Addison Bevere
  • Al Brice
  • Alec Bevere
  • Alex Seeley
  • Aline Barros
  • Amber Thurner
  • Amie Stockstill
  • Andi Andrew
  • Andie Steele-Smith
  • Andre Olivier
  • Andrea Booth
  • Andy Dalton
  • Angela Rachmat
  • Angelus Temple
  • Annalee Barnett
  • Annie Lobert
  • ARC Churches
  • Arden Bevere
  • Art Sepulveda
  • Artur Simonyan
  • At Boshoff
  • Austin Bevere
  • A.W. Tozer
  • Awaken Church
  • Awaken Church Young Adults
  • Awakening Europe
  • Bagrat Bekchyan
  • Banning Liebscher
  • Becca Ketterling
  • Becky Fouquier
  • Becky Heinrichs
  • Ben Dailey
  • Ben Fitzgerald
  • Ben Prescott

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Who does John Bevere hang out with?

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