John Francis

  • John is the Senior Pastor of Ruach City Church, he boasts about attendees such as British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, Baroness Valerie Amos, leader in the House of Lords, Rev Jesse Jackson, Ken Livingston, former Mayor of London and Boris Johnson, former  Mayor of London and current Prime Minister.
  • John is the Founder of Ruach Network of Churches overseeing 50+ churches.
  • John attended at quarterly meetings held with the former Prime Ministers, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown and other cabinet ministers at No.10 Downing Street.
  • John is the Founder of John Francis Ministries.
  • John is the Founder of Ruach Radio.
  • John is on the Global Council of Empowered21, chaired by Billy Wilson (President of Oral Roberts University) and George O. Wood (Global Overseer of Assemblies of God).
  • John is Co-Chair of the European Region for Empowered21.
  • John is Part of the Assemblies of the First Born.
  • John formed the Inspirational Choir who brought gospel music to a mass British public resulting in Bishop John Francis as one of the leading pioneers of gospel music in Britain. Through his influence gospel artistes from the USA, Europe and in fact worldwide were introduced to the UK. John Francis was also recognised by mainstream organizations such as Mattel Toys, Ford Cars & CBS Records, who signed John and the Inspirational Choir in the 1980’s. John has also performed in the presence of Her Majesty, the Queen, the Prince and late Princess of Wales, as well as touring all over Europe doing countless musical workshops, TV, radio shows with the renowned choir – The Inspirational Choir (UK). USA Gospel Today Magazine listed Bishop Francis at No.5 of the Top 10 World-Class Pace Setting Pastors as one who is changing a generation and a nation.
  • John is the Founder of Flow TV, 126 million viewers alone in the USA are able to watch his Broadcast Ministry, ‘Order My Steps’.
  • John is the Founder of Order My Steps Conference.
  • John was listed in 2016 in the Power List of Britain’s’ 100 Most Influential black people.
  • John is married to Penny Francis, they have three daughters, Juanita, Teleisa and Charisa.

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