Joseph Prince – Exposing His False Teachings

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Here below you find credible resources exposing Joseph Prince and his false teachings:

Justin Peters:

Chris Rosebrough from Fighting For The Faith:

As Jesus is in His Health So Are You:

Secret of Moses’ Youthfulness:

Tonges – The Key to a Spirit Led Life:

Sermon Review:  The Power Of Right Believing by Joseph Prince:

Sermon Review: Benefits of Tithing by Joseph Prince:

Interview with Lisa Cooper RE: Joseph Prince:

Polite Leader:

Daniel Long from Long For Truth:

Donnie Lamon:

Ted Thought:

Church Watch Central:

Joseph Prince’s Prosperity Cult Pays For $500m Building:

New Creation Church insider speaks out:

Breath-taking interview with ex-CHC insider:

Joseph Prince critiqued: False teacher – antinomian and prosperity preacher:

Hillsong Conference speakers supporting pagan Roman Catholicism:

Amy Spreeman:

Rick Warren’s Top 100 Pastors to Follow:

Billy Crone:

Charismatic Chaos:

The Gospel Coalition:

The Hypergrace of Joseph Prince: A Review of ‘Destined to Reign’:

Apologetics Index:

A Brief Overview of the Teachings of Joseph Prince:

Pulpit & Pen:

Michael Brown Issues Thumbs-Up to Joseph Prince:

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