Keith Craft

  • Keith is the Founder and Lead Pastor of Elevate Life Church.
  • Keith is the Founder of Keith Craft Ministries.
  • Keith was the Founder of
  • Keith graduated from Evangel University with a Bachelor’s Degree Field Of communication.
  • Keith is married to Sheila Craft and they have three children, Joshua & Keela who both serve on the pastoral team of Elevate Life Church, and Whitney; who serves on the worship team at Elevate Life Church.

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  • A.W. Tozer
  • Aaron McManus
  • Andre Olivier
  • Andy Stanley
  • At Boshoff
  • Benny Perez
  • Bil Cornelius
  • Bill Scheer
  • Billy Graham
  • Bobby Schuller
  • Brian Houston
  • Brian Tracy
  • Buddy Cremeans
  • Carl Lentz
  • Caroline Leaf
  • Casey Treat
  • Chad Rowe
  • Charles Nieman
  • Chris Durso
  • Chris Hill
  • Chris Hodges
  • Christine Caine
  • Convoy of Hope
  • Courtnei Craft
  • Craig Groeschel
  • Dale Bronner
  • Dale Carnegie
  • Danny Chambers
  • Danny Gokey
  • Dave Martin
  • David Crank
  • David Harris Jr
  • David Stroud
  • DawnCheré Wilkerson
  • Daystar
  • Denny Duron
  • Dharius Daniels
  • Dino Rizzo
  • Earl McClellan
  • Ed Young
  • ELC Kids
  • Elevate Create
  • Elevate Leadership Institute
  • Elevate Life Church

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Who does Keith Craft hang out with?

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