Paul Louis Cole

  • Founder of C3 Dallas Forth Worth. Brandon and Meredith Cole stepped in as Lead Pastors in 2011 after serving at C3 for over a decade, primarily as student pastors, under Founding Pastors, Paul & Judi Cole.
  • Paul is the son of Edwin Louis Cole which was an ordained pastor by the Assemblies of God.
  • Edwin Louis Cole is the Founder of the Global Fatherhood Initiative called Christian Mens Network, Paul Louis Cole took this over from his dad. Check here its current Leadership, and see here how they commission people. CMN is active in 138 nations, connecting over 86,000 leaders. They have a yearly CNM summit.
  • Member of International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders, here is the PROOF (above the picture it states clearly Paul is an ICAL member).
  • Paul is a Member of The Global Network.
  • Paul is married to Judi Cole. They have two sons, creator and pastor Brandon Cole, married to Meredith, and noted musician and coach Bryce Cole. Paul and Judi are proud grandparents of the wonderful Reese Holsinger, Dylan Holsinger, and Cameron Holsinger, daughters and son of Pastor Niles and Lindsay Cole Holsinger.  Niles is associate pastor at Gateway Church, Grand Prairie.

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  • A21
  • A. R. Bernard
  • Aaron Snow
  • Adam Smallcombe
  • Andi Andrew
  • Andrew Kubala
  • Andy Stanley
  • ARC Churches
  • ARC Churches Australasia
  • Arif Dede Wiguna
  • Arlie Whitlow
  • Art Sepulveda
  • Awaken Church
  • Barn Sweetman
  • Bayless Conley
  • Ben Carson
  • Ben Houston
  • Ben Reed
  • Benny Hinn
  • Benny Perez
  • Bernie Kelsey
  • Beth Moore
  • Bethel Church
  • Bill Johnson
  • Bill Johnson Ministries

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