Rick Godwin

  • Rick is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Summit Christian Center.
  • In the past, Rick Godwin pastored Eagle’s Nest Christian Fellowship, also in San Antonio.
  • Rick airs regularly on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN).
  • Rick Godwin makes his home in San Antonio with his wife, Cindy Godwin, and his family.
  • Second older Instagram Account.

Find out who Rick Godwin endorses on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

  • A21
  • Aaron Phillips
  • Afa Tachia Pace
  • Aidan Jeffery
  • Ana Sweet
  • Andi Andrew
  • Andrea Beck
  • Andreas Nielsen
  • Andrew Owen
  • Andy Stanley
  • Angela Rachmat
  • Ann Voskamp
  • At Boshoff
  • Austin Chamberlin
  • Bayless Conley
  • Benny Perez
  • Bert Pretorius
  • Bible App for Kids
  • Bob Goff
  • Bobbie Houston
  • Braam Boshoff
  • Brendan White
  • Brian Houston
  • Brian Zahnd
  • Caleb Treat
  • Carey Nieuwhof
  • Carl Lentz
  • Casey Treat
  • Chad Veach
  • Chanelle Boshoff
  • Charles Nieman
  • Charlotte Gambill
  • Charne Pretorius
  • Chip Gaines
  • Chris Durso
  • Chris Hill
  • Chris Hodges
  • Chris Sarno
  • Chris Tomlin

Who does Rick Godwin hang out with?

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Here below you find credible resources exposing Rick Joyner and his false teachings:

Pulpit & Pen – Tentacles of American Heresy: A View from South Africa: https://pulpitandpen.org/2017/02/07/tentacles-of-american-heresy-a-view-from-south-africa/

True Discernment – Another Profligate Pastor Exposed – Rick Godwin: https://truedsicernment.com/2007/11/29/another-profligate-pastor-exposed-rick-godwin/

Phillip Powell from CWM Fellowship – The Assemblies of God – a different movement with the same name: https://www.cwmf.org.au/cetf-magazines/assemblies-of-god

Lance Goodall from CWM Fellowship – Crystal Chaos – The Cathedral’s Spiral – Selling off more than the Family Silver to cover debts of millions: https://www.cwmf.org.au/cetf-magazines/crystal-chaos

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