Rick Warren

  • Lead Pastor Saddleback Church
  • Founder of Pastors.com
  • Founder of the PEACE plan
  • Founder of The Purpose Driven Network, which is a global alliance of over 400,000 pastors and priests in 163 nations representing every spectrum of Christianity. More than 700,000 church leaders have been trained in the Purpose Driven paradigm, designed to empower pastors and church leaders to organize effectively around 5 Biblical purposes; worship, evangelism, discipleship, ministry, and mission.
  • Rick is married to Kay Warren, they have three adult children and four grandchildren.
  • Writer of many books, especially Purpose Driven Life
  • Rick considers Billy Graham, Peter Drucker, and his own father to be among his mentors.

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  • A. R. Bernard
  • Adam Durso
  • Addison Bevere
  • Alan Hirsch
  • Andy Mineo
  • Andy Stanley
  • Ann Voskamp
  • Anne Graham Lotz
  • Anthony Evans
  • ARC Churches
  • At Boshoff
  • Awakening To God
  • Benny Perez
  • Bert Pretorius
  • Beth Moore
  • Bil Cornelius
  • Bill Johnson
  • Bill LaMorey
  • Bill Reichart
  • Billy Graham

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