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  • 700 Club
  • A21
  • Aaron Crane
  • Aaron Niequist
  • Adam Mize
  • Air1 Radio
  • Al Pearson
  • Albert Tate
  • Alex Seeley
  • Allan Kelsey
  • Alpha Course
  • Alveda King
  • Amy Grant
  • Ana Paula Valadão Bessa
  • Andy Stanley
  • Anna Byrd
  • Anthony Evans
  • ARC Churches
  • Ashley Daugherty
  • Ben Carson
  • Ben Pirtle
  • Benjamin Watson
  • Beth Moore
  • Bethel Church
  • Bethel Music
  • Bethel Music Believers
  • Bethel.TV
  • Bethel World Outreach Church
  • Biblical Financial Stewards
  • Bill Johnson
  • Bill Johnson Ministries
  • Bill Leckie
  • Billy Graham
  • Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
  • Bob Goff
  • Bob Sorge
  • Bobbie Houston
  • Brad Larson
  • Brad Lomenick
  • Brady Boyd
  • Brian Houston
  • Brian Johnson
  • Brian Tome
  • Bridgette Morris
  • Brooke Ligertwood Fraser
  • Bryan Carter
  • Buckhead Church
  • Byron Copeland
  • Caleb’s Good News
  • Carlos Luna
  • Casa De Dios
  • Cash Luna
  • Casting Crowns
  • Catalyst Leader
  • CBN News
  • CBN Online
  • Chad Veach

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Who does Robert Morris hang out with?

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Here below you find credible resources exposing Robert Morris and his false teachings:

Amy Spreeman – Association of Related Churches: Time to get off the ARC:

Chris Rosebrough – Living Beyond Blessed:

Chris RosebroughRobert Morris Claims Every Christian is A Prophet:

Chris Rosebrough – How To Hear God’s Voice:

Chris Rosebrough – Sermon Review: I Am A Sheep by Robert Morris:

Chris Rosebrough – All Believers Can Pray in Tongues:

Chris Rosebrough Sermon Review: The Believers Battle by Robert Morris:

Chris RosebroughRobert Morris Teaches THREE Baptisms:

Chris Rosebrough – Sermon Review: Free Indeed by Robert Morris:

Chris Rosebrough – Blessed Life or Curse of the Law?:

Chris Rosebrough – Biblical Debunking of Robert Morris‘ Blessed Life which shows that is a false teaching that puts Christians back Under the Mosaic Law:

Chris RosebroughJack Hayford Declares Robert Morris to be the 4th Member of the Trinity:

Chris RosebroughMorris Teaches Word of Faith Heresy:

Chris Rosebrough – Worst Easter Sermon Contestant #1 Robert Morris:

Chris RosebroughRobert Morris Shakes Down Newspring:

Chris Rosebrough – Debunking Robert Morris‘ Principle of Multiplication – Part 2:

Chris Rosebrough – Debunking Robert Morris‘ Principle of Multiplication – Part 1:

Chris Rosebrough– A Biblical Rebuttal of The Blessed Life by Robert Morris:

Chris RosebroughRobert Morris Checks Tithing Record of Daughter’s Boyfriend:

Chris Rosebrough – Why Does Robert Morris‘ Theology Sound Identical to Word Faith Heretic Jesse Duplantis:

Chris RosebroughCreflo Dollar’s Lecture at Robert Morris‘ Church:

Chris Rosebrough – Highlights From Robert Morris‘ False Teaching at Saddleback:

Chris Rosebrough – Sermon Review “The Wealth of a Word” by Robert Morris:

Chris RosebroughRick Warren Invited Robert Morris to Spew His Money Curse Heresy at Saddleback:

Chris Rosebrough – Sermon Review: What’s So Important About Worship, Robert Morris:

Chris Rosebrough – Sermon Review, The Principle of First by Robert Morris at NewSpring Church:

Chris Rosebrough – Sermon Review The Principle of Multiplication by Robert Morris preached at New Spring Church:

Amy Spreeman – Rick Warren’s Top 100 Pastors to Follow:

Church Watch Central – Robert Morris caught red-handed stealing money from congregation:

Church Watch Central – Popular NARismatic Worship Artist, Kari Jobe, Teaching Dangerous Theology:

Church Watch Central – Robert Morris defaming Christians and defending heretical TD Jakes:

Church Watch Central – The idolatry of Robert Morris: “Jesus is God’s tithe”:

Billy Crone – Charismatic Chaos:

Warren Throckmorton – Robert Morris:

The Wartburg Watch – Robert Morris and Gateway Church: Could 95% of the Church Be in Bondage to Demons?:

828 Ministries – Robert Morris Confuses Gossip with Truth:

NAR Watch Israel – Sickening, But Hardly Surprising:

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