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Here below you find credible resources exposing Steven Furtick and his false teachings:

Chris Rosebrough from Fighting for the Faith:

Steven Furtick The Lazarus Factor:

The Danger of a Dream:

Trapped in Nazareth:

Contestant #1 Worst Easter Sermon of the Year: It Can’t End Like This… by Steven Furtick:

Danger in the Distance:

New Rap Song Titled “I Will Be Confident”:

Do You Have the Stones?:

The Sign of Ninevah:

Out Cry Tour Bible Twisting:

Steven Furtick Manipulates God’s Word to Squeeze Money Out of Presence Conference Attendees:

Complete the Cross:

Steven Furtick Narcigetes Road to Emmaus:

Steven Furtick Narcigetes at Liberty U (Again):

Sermon Review: Good Morning Midnight by Steven Furtick:

Code Orange Revival Day 10 Recap:

Code Orange Revival Night 1 Recap:

Narcigetical Double Speak:

Steven Furtick – Misses the Point of Unqualified:

Steven Furtick Narcigetes Temptation of Jesus:

Steven Furtick Narcissistic Switcheroo:

Worst Easter Sermon Contestant #8 – Steven Furtick:

God Broke the Law:

Broken Pieces of Narcigesis:

Year of Flow:

Steven Furtick Narcigetes Christmas Story:

Steven Furtick Is Not Making Sense:

Chain Reaction:

Chase the Chariot:

Steven Furtick – Uses and Abuses Mark 5:

Furtick on Celebration:

Doctrine of Creating Space:

Furtick Narcigetes Acts 3:1-10:

Furtick Narcigetes Jacob:

Furtick’s Easter Narcigesis:

Steven Furtick’s False Dichotomy:

Micah Wood Out Narcigetes Furtick:

Furtick Says 2015 is the Year of Flow:

Sermon Review: The Plans Have Changed by Steven Furtick:

Steven Furitick Narcigetes The Storm From Mark 4:

Furtick Explains What Robert Morris Is:

Furtick Preaches at Osteen’s Church:

Furtick Narcigetes the Story of Jacob:

Furtick Embraces Super-Apostle Title:

Furtick Lashes Back At Critics:

Steven Furtick Narcigetes the Storm in Acts 27 for the Chatterbox:

Furtick Becoming a Cult Leader:

Furtick’s Chatterbox Blasphemy:

First Look at Steven Furtick’s Crash the Chatterbox:

Furtick Sticks & Stones, Slingers & Swingers:

Furtick Tells Us What to Listen for When God Talks:

Furtick’s New Hit Song Is About I:

Steven Furtick’s Creeeeeeepy Comedy:

Steven Furtick’s Miracle is in the Mud:

Steven Furtick’s Response to the News Story:

Furtick’s Oversight Board:

Steven Furtick’s 16,000 sq ft Mansion:

Furtick Narcigetes Jesus’ Temptations in the Wilderness:

Steven Furtick v. William Cwirla – dueling sermons on the Story of Mary and Martha from Luke 10:

Steven Furtick Answers the Question “Did God Make a Mistake?”:

Steven Furtick at Presence 2013:

Furtick’s Non-Lucid Contradictory Statements:

Furtick Falls Short…Again:

Steven Furtick Narcigetes Story of Elijah at the Awakening Revival:

Steven Furtick Narcigetes the Story of the Shunamite Woman:

Is Steven Furtick Vying for a Teaching Spot on Oprah’s Lifeclass?:

Furtick’s Experience Based Pneumatology:

Furtick Tells His Church to Dig Ditches:

Steven Furtick Wrongly Thinks That God Wants us to Burn Ploughs:

Sermon Review: Greater by Steven Furtick:

Does Steven Furtick’s New Book “Greater” Rightly Teach God’s Word?:

Steven Furtick’s New Book “Greater” and His twisting of scripture:

Steven Furtick Channels Stuart Smalley:

Furtick Narcigetes Matthew 16 and Peter’s Great Confession of Christ:

Steven Furtick Biblically Biffs It…Again:

Steven Furtick Misses The Point of Scripture…Again:

Steven Furtick Narcigetes Genesis 22:

Steven Furtick Explains How to Beat the Devil:

Steven Furtick Needs Remedial Hermeneutics:

Steven Furtick Prosperity Pimps for Phil Pringle at Presence 2012:

Furtick Resorts to Rebecca Black “My Moment” Allegorizing:

Steven Furtick Begins Asking for Seed Offerings:

Furtick’s Quid Pro Quo Theology:

Is Steven Furtick the One Whom the Prophets Longed to See?:

BREAKING NEWS: Code Orange Coverup?? Updated:

Code Orange, Revival or Deception?:

Steven Furtick, When Rivalry Looks Ridiculous:

Sermon Review: Blessed and Broken by Steven Furtick, Elevation Church, Charlotte, NC:

Furtick Curses Sofa Express:

Sermon Review; ‘Perhaps’ by Steven Furtick:

Steven Furtick Hates On Those Who Don’t Like Secular Rock Songs in Church:

Steven Furtick Answers A Master Vision Caster’s Question:

Steven Furtick Falls Behind the Creativity Curve with 3D Easter:

Chandler & Furtick at the Elephant Room:

Dr. Cindy Trimm Outdoes Steven Furtick Regarding Sun Stand Still:

Steven Furtick ‘Why Bother’?:

Did Bono Open for Steven Furtick? & Steven Furtick is Rolling His Own Narcissistic Theology:

Steven Furtick Explains What Happens if Your Sun Stand Still Prayer Doesn’t Work:

Sermon Review, “Sun Stand Still – A New Way Pray” by Steven Furtick, Elevation Church, Charlotte, NC:

Steven Furtick Preaches for 24 Hours:

Steven Furtick Preaches for 24 Hours to Make the “Sun Stand Still”:

Sermon Review “Christ Alone: You Don’t Suck Anymore” by Steven Furtick, Elevation Church, Charlotte, NC:

Steven Furtick Discusses His New Book “Sun Stand Still”:

Steven Furtick Tells Us to “Stop Pickin’ on Joel Osteen”:

Sermon Review, “The Joy Genome: Joy Jitisu” by Steven Furtick:

Review of Steven Furtick’s “Sun Stand Still” Conference Lecture:

Sermon review of Steven Furtick’s Purple People Leader:

Steven Furtick’s Upcoming Sermon Series on Leadership Principles:

Steven Furtick Claims to Be a Gospel Preacher But Misses the Gospel in His Remedy for Sin:

A review and Biblical critique of Steven Furtick’s sermon from the One Prayer series entitled ‘Make Us Audacious’:

Justin Peters:

Andreas Wiget:

Lauren Hereford from Tulips & Honey:

Doreen Virtue:

Steven Kozar from The Messed Up Church:

The Steven Furtick Cornucopia of False Teaching, Egomania and Hair Gel:


iThink Biblically:

Colin Miller:

Donnie Lamon from What Shall I Cry:

Daily Disciple:

The Gospel of Christ:

Sean Christie from Revealing Truth:

Is Not Satire:

Bill Crone – Charismatic Chaos:

World Religions, Cults and the Occult series – The Charismatic Chaos:

Church Watch Central:

Bill and Brian come out with Bolz:

Furtick & Noble – the unqualified restoring the unqualified:

Our Recent “Worship Experience” at Elevation Church:

Furtick invites Joyce Meyer to Code Orange Revival 2016:

Hillsong joins Furtick’s ‘Unqualified Club’ against Macarthur?:

Why narcigesis doesn’t work: Furtick claims to be “the son of God”?:

Buettel battles bogus book ‘Unqualified’:

Furtick the ‘lawless one’ worships a ‘lawless god’?:

Pastor exposes TD Jakes & Steven Furtick as heretics:

Unqualified Furtick releases new book:

Presence Conference 2015 HeresyReel: Opening Session – Stephen Furtick:

Happy Reformation Day – Still Protesting: Top 20 dangerous heretics to be marked & avoided:

Daniel Long from Long for Truth:


Biblical Theology:

Kendra Christine:

Spencer Smith:

Jordan Cooper:

Polite Leader

Ten Over Ten:

Last Days:

Amy Spreeman from. Berean Examinor & Berean Research:

Rick Warren’s Top 100 Pastors to Follow:

Furtick joins Rod Parsley’s 2017 N.A.R. “Dominion Camp”:

Furtick, Elevation Church activate N.A.R. Apostles:

The fruit of Global Leadership Summit 2018:

Invalid reasons for staying in a church you know teaches false doctrine:

Cindy F.:

Global Leadership 2016 continues its carnal slide:

Matt Slick from CARM:

Steven Furtick:

Marsha West from Berean Research:

Steven Furtick: Unqualified, Not Unworthy:

Why won’t Steven Furtick answer tough questions about his ministry?:

Steven Furtick teaches that God Breaks the Law:

Steven Furtick Gladhands TD Jakes’ Church – Gives $35,000 To Jakes:

Can You Change Yourself?:

Lysa TerKeurst coming to Athens. Do not go to see her:

One more reason to avoid Lysa TerKeurst of Elevation Church:

Some Christian news blogs and high-profile leaders overlook the truth:

Multi-site churches, holographic pastors and virtual relationships:

Dear Liberty U Students and The Gospel Coalition: You Have Bigger Problems Than Trump:

“A fast-growing movement with disastrous implications”:

Who are the apostates?:

Ken Silva:

Steven Furtick:

Cam Hyde:

It’s Time to Walk Away from Steven Furtick:

Pulpit & Pen:

Steven Furtick:

Reformation Charlotte:

Matt Chandler Joins Heretics, Hillsong, and Women Pastors for Christian Leadership Conference:

Steven Furtick Says Abram Asked God for Viagra Pills:

False Teacher of the Day #27: Steven Furtick:

Elevation Church is From Hell:

Clint Adams from Earnest Layman:

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