Ché Ahn

  • Ché Ahn is the Founder & President of Ché Ahn Ministries.
  • Ché Ahn is the Founder of Harvest International Ministries.
  • Ché Ahn is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Harvest Rock Church.
  • Ché Ahn is the International Chancellor of Wagner University, an international network of apostolic training centers established to equip believers for Kingdom ministry.
  • Ché Ahn founded California Dreamin, a church-planting and discipleship initiative with an apostolic vision for global revival and reformation.
  • Ché Ahn is the Founder of 1 Race 4 Life.
  • Ché Ahn is the Co-Founder of the Revival Alliance Network.
  • Ché Ahn is the Member of the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders.
  • Ché is a Core Faculty Professor at the Wagner University.
  • Ché Ahn wrote several books.
  • Ché Ahn is married to Sue Ahn and they have four children, Gabriel, Grace, Joy and Mary.

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